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CALMECS provides wide variety of mining services, laboratories, medical equipment, chemicals and engineering combined services. 

In CALMECS we deliver comprehensive quality products designed to meet customers’ requirements supported with a dedicated team involved in all aspects from the product development through to the final release and delivery of finished products. 

Aftersales services is the added value of our business, and in all our operations we follow international standards and safety procedures to assure the quality and efficiency of our services. 


CALMECS specialized in distribution of variety laboratories high technology equipment, chemicals and furniture with prompt delivery for a diverse industrial use aiming to reliability and precision for prospective customer’s researches and development expertise


CALMECS offer a comprehensive range of product and service in both horizontal and vertical mining operations, guaranteeing an excellent value and profitable business relationship with our stakeholder.


CALMECS deliver a cutting-edge technology engineering service accompanying with knowledge and efficiency.


We provide a wide range of chemicals and laboratories consistently with a high quality, affordable prices, safety standard for customer and for employees as well, precise results in order to meet potential customer demands