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Who are We ?

MOGASIM GROUP is a multinational corporation established in 2008 in the Netherlands. It’s a leading fast paced multi-activities corporation primarily focused on high-end products and excellent services in a unique diversity of engineering, trading, health & care services, fashion industry and more.

Why Choose US ?

Why us

Corporate Vision and Mission derive from our organizational behaviors and shared values that guide the activities of MOGASIM GROUP.

Our Mission

Developing Customer innovative fastening solutions throughout perceiving customer needs at most level by providing them flexibility in sourcing, competitive prices, on time delivery and customized solutions for unique needs.

Our Vision

We are oriented to be a global leading business in supplying excellent products and services through cutting-edge technologies.

Market Sectors


CALMECS provides wide variety of mining services, laboratories, medical equipment, chemicals and engineering combined services.


A dedicated and well experienced sales and operations team under the supervision of an energetic and result oriented management, at the youngest and most dynamic B2C subsidiary FOURSQUARES Trading & Development established to penetrate the competitive marketplace of a variety of products.


NAMAC is a diverse and growth-oriented agribusiness subsidiary. Our core business is merchandising of commodities, primarily grains, crops and forage. NAMAC Headquartered in Khartoum, Sudan with facilities inside local markets where sorting, cleaning and packing of products is carefully operated


The idea of establishing the Sudanese Hearing Center came after deep and serious studies, to provide advanced treatment services in this field and characterized by the integration and comprehensiveness of hearing patients.


Established in April 2011 in accordance with an advanced vision and keeping abreast of the development in the field of medical services and physiotherapy in accordance with international standards and specifications in terms of integration in the provision of specialized services with the accuracy of the internal systems and strict adherence to quality and development standards.

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